Massage Therapy and Therapeutically Based Yoga create a beautiful union to facilitate self-care and healing. These two natural therapies share many benefits including improvement of circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. Massage Therapy and Yoga have also been found to reduce common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness and pain, and even anxiety and depression. Massage Therapy and Therapeutically BasedYoga are natural modalities that can work in conjunction with each other to deepen relaxation, enhance body awareness and promote healing. By practicing poses, breath work and meditation between massage therapy sessions, a practitioner can deepen the effect of the bodywork and support harmony and healing in the body, mind and spirit.

Sarah Hybels, Licensed Massage Therapist and Registerd Yoga Teacher, is dedicated to fulfilling your unique needs and empowering you on your journey to health and well-being.

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Is Therapeutically Based Yoga Right For You?

-Are you interested in managing chronic pain and lessoning stress?

-Is there a dis-ease state or injury you want to remedy in a natural way?

-Would you like to learn more about yoga but are intimidated by a group class setting?

-Would you like to cultivate more awareness and connection with your body, mind, and spirit?

-Are you looking to maintain health and increase mobility and flexibility?

Yes to any of these questions makes you a candidate for one-on-one yoga sessions!

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Infant massage promotes bonding between you and your baby. Ask Sarah for details!