And Now.....Yoga.

by Sarah Hybels on May 5th, 2016

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Yoga”? People contorting their bodies into crazy shapes? A hot room filled with sweaty strangers? The best pants ever? While it’s true these are all part of our yoga culture today, yoga was created to be so much more.  Yoga is breathing, cultivating self awareness, discovery, movement for length and strength, and community. 

I first discovered yoga during my second pregnancy.  Pain and exhaustion were overtaking me and that one dedicated hour a week working on my body, focusing my mind, learning, and breathing made all the difference in how I functioned and therefore how I interacted and behaved. 

Yoga has become a part of my life, on and off the mat, in a way that is neither forced nor required. I want to get to my mat every day.  It’s not about burning calories or working out.   Some days I move, groove and sweat.  Other days I benefit from restoration, support, and deceleration.   But all practices entail whole concentration.   I hunger for continued movement and change in my body, growth and stillness in my mind, awareness of self and existence to develop, mature, expand.  This is the stuff you can’t graduate from.  We all continue to be students of life and teachers to one another. 

So I traveled a major journey the past nine month.  Journey isn’t even the correct term, evolution seems accurate. I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in therapeutic yoga.  It was exciting, difficult, poignant, and demanding.  I started on this path as a way to educate myself in order to inform and empower others.  But the personal journey I walked and the lessons I learned during this process were life altering.  I am a work in progress and change will continue to happen as the days pass.  Yoga will allow me to truly see my path and how I can accept myself and use my gifts in order to be a value to my family and community. 

Yoga based in therapeutics focuses on wellness at all levels of being in order to cultivate healing and health. Creating awareness and unity within the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual layers of being are central to this practice. Finding unity and flow in life is finding balance and true health.

And so now I get to share this with you!  I am so proud to announce Wildflower Massage & Bodywork is now Wildflower Massage & Yoga.   Private therapeutically based weekly yoga sessions are now available for a limited number of clients.  Differing from a group class setting, each one-on-one therapeutically based yoga session will be specifically designed for the practitioner considering their health concerns, goals and challenges. Sessions range from 1-8 weeks as a way to incorporate continued face-to-face instruction and home practice. Please visit for more information on services and pricing. 

Additionally, the option of combining massage therapy and yoga for a health journey is so very exciting to me.  By learning yogic tools to practice between massage therapy sessions, a practitioner can deepen the effect of the bodywork and support harmony and healing in the body, mind and spirit.

My goal is to empower each client in their journey to healing, unity and peace.  I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves; we just may need support and a few tips and tools along the way.  

Many thanks and blessings to all who have supported me along the way and I truly look forward to those I get to work with in the future.  It is an honor to assist and encourage you along your path.

Peace, Sarah

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