“Sarah has a sensitive concern for my muscular well-being. She directs her expertise to my problem areas, and I feel more agile and relaxed after an hour with her.”

“The massage experiences I had with Sarah while I was pregnant gave me the rest and relaxation I needed. My message sessions with Sarah transported me to a place where I could let my mind and body totally relax. During our sessions Sarah was great about asking where my trouble spots were and spending extra time to work out the knots. She also gave me stretches I could do at home to keep these areas free of pain. Now when I want to relax I can just think about how I feel when I lay on the massage table and instantly my stress level decreases.”

“Sarah cares about your well-being. She has a knack for smoothing and soothing your body and your spirit. She has strong and effective communication skills.”

"I tried so many different massage therapists over the years and could never find the right fit, I would always leave disappointed. I am a massage therapist myself, so I am picky! That changed when I had my first massage from Sarah, she is awesome! Her technique is wonderful, she focuses on my needs and makes sure I am comfortable at all times. Her space is warm and inviting and I feel so welcome there."

"Sarah, I just wanted to let you know that I slept so very deeply and peacefully and once again experienced a sense of renewal this morning; all with no neck discomfort. Thanks so much for all you are doing for me. May the happy dance continue. ;)"

“I especially enjoy the hot stone treatment that aid in my relaxation.”

"Today has been a wonderful day because I slept so deeply after my massage and because the work you did allowed the vertebrae between my shoulder blades to go back into place through stretching. I love doing a lot of heavy physical labor, but my body isn’t quite as responsive as it used to be. You make such a positive difference."

“I feel absolutely amazing after a treatment from Sarah! It’s very difficult leaving the office; I wish the massage would never end!”

“I send friends and family to Sarah because the first friend I sent her said she was the best masseuse she’s been to (and she has been to plenty). Now she’s a regular client of Sarah’s. No one I’ve referred has ever been disappointed.”

After a treatment session I feel “super wonderful, relaxed, invigorated, happy and pain free.”
“I love the room, it is lovely and relaxing, the music, the scents, the whole experience.”

If you have a comment about your massage or yoga experience at Wildflower Massage & Yoga, please email Sarah at wildflowermassage@gmail.com