What Is Therapeutically Based Yoga

Differing from a group class setting, each one-on-one therapeutically based yoga session is specifically designed for the practitioner considering their health concerns, goals and challenges. Sessions range from 1-8 weeks as a way to incorporate continued face-to-face instruction and home practice.

Yoga based in therapeutics focuses on wellness at all levels of being in order to cultivate healing and health. Creating awareness and unity within the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies are central to this practice. Finding unity and flow in life is finding balance and true health.

Yoga, now considered an alternative practice, was developed thousands of years ago by those seeking methods to better the human condition. Since the advancement of modern medicine ancient therapies such as yoga, massage and acupuncture, have been labeled alternative. But in essence, these natural ways the earliest people dealt with stress and dis-ease teach us how to safety and naturally help ourselves in today’s world.

Yoga was created as a “natural medicine” which allows us to discover balance and harmony in our being, grow to know and accept ourselves in an authentic matter, and to view the world as a community to nurture and love.

What to Expect

During your first session a full health and lifestyle history will be discussed including symptoms and goals at all layers of being. Considering your natural makeup through Aryuvedic medicine and yogic principals, each session will be especially designed for you.

Sessions may include goal setting, asana, massage, mudra, guided imagery, breath work, and/or mediation. Work at home will be assigned to allow you to fully take part in your healing journey.


1 Session $85
4 Sessions $320
8 Sessions $650

Add a 45 min massage therapy treatment to any session for $70

A 20 minute consultation, at no cost, is available for those seeking more information on how yoga and massage therapy may empower them on their journey to health and well-being.